Cannabis Candor Author Quoted in International Business Times

I was interviewed for this article, which appeared yesterday in the International Business Times.

I would like to clarify some language contained in the second paragraph. While the author used conditional phrases appropriately and did not misrepresent explicitly what I expressed, the paragraph implies that I had on occasion destroyed all plants in the largest flower room in the facility in which I used to work. I stated simply that the most responsible reaction to an irreparably infested crop would be to destroy it and start over. The situation he discussed is a hypothetical one; he had asked about the extent to which pests could have impacted the bottom line of my former facility and I gave him figures on the best-case production from the largest flower room.

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Pesticide Use in Colorado’s Cannabis Industry: Assessment and Ramifications

In my initial essay on this site, I raised the issue of pesticide use in cannabis cultivation. This post explains more fully the conundrum created by the lack of research on cannabis and hemp as legal, commercial crops, which puts these plants in a somewhat unique situation relative to federal pesticide regulation protocols overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency. I summarize the current regulations governing pesticide use in Colorado’s cannabis industry, as well as the short history of pesticide enforcement in the state. Finally, I consider the multifaceted ramifications of the approach to pesticide use by cannabis growing operations in Colorado, which threaten public health, while also providing biotech and chemical-producing giants such as Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, and others an easy avenue into this young field when they so choose.

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