About Cannabis Candor

Cannabis Candor delivers a unique, candid perspective on the legal cannabis industry from within the field itself. Issues surrounding the responsible, sustainable cultivation of the crop will be the primary focus. This scope expands necessarily to include regulatory concerns, as the laws that govern production play a large role in the forms, methods, and approaches taken by cultivators. The emphasis on cultivation generally is intended to redress the imbalance in the mainstream media’s coverage of legal cannabis, which focuses nearly exclusively on issues that arise from the point of sale onward. Neglecting to substantively discuss cultivation leaves key considerations in this new field unaddressed; the environmental impact of farming cannabis indoors and ensuring a safe, quality product for consumers being chief among many. Ultimately, Cannabis Candor hopes to drive productive discussion and move toward intelligent solutions that benefit everyone involved with this exciting and important field, as well as to be informative and educational to those who are curious as to exactly what goes into this remarkable and complex experiment.

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