About the Author

Adam Koh is Editorial Director and Special Advisor to Cannabis Benchmarks.

Previously, he managed a medical cannabis cultivation facility in Denver that, at the time of his departure, contained just fewer than 350 lights devoted to flowering plants, which translated into the charge of overseeing the care of 2,500-3,000 total plants at any one time. After learning the ropes of the cannabis industry firsthand, Adam pursued a role as a cultivation consultant.

Prior to his entrance into the cannabis field, he pursued, but stopped short of receiving, a Ph.D. in Art History, settling instead for a Master’s degree and three additional, enriching years of study. A brief stint as an adjunct professor sent him scrambling away from academia and, after a year tending bar, he ended up in Denver, where he resides currently with his partner, Paige, and pup, Avery.

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