Recent Publications: “8 Solutions to Common Cultivation Challenges,” in CBT and “Our Land, Our Choice,” in High Times

While I have unfortunately not been posting here as much as I would like, part of the reason is that I have been engaged to write for some industry publications.

The first to be published was a column, “8 Solutions to Common Cultivation Challenges,” in Cannabis Business Times. I would highly recommend subscribing to receive their new magazine – which is free – as there is a great deal of high-quality content throughout its pages. The magazine is issued bi-monthly, and “Growing Pains” – the overall title of the column authored by myself and my colleague, Nic Easley, will appear in each issue over the next year. Look out for the next issue, which features part one of a two-part essay providing guidance on scaling up  a cultivation operation.

Additionally, Nic and I were also engaged to write an essay for High Times magazine. Featured in the February 2016 issue, “Our Land, Our Choice” examines the complex legal hurdles facing Native American Tribes, some of whom have begun to lay the foundation for a new tribal cannabis industry, bringing a promise of economic development to reservations hit hard by unemployment and poverty. The magazine is available on newsstands or via the link above.

Thanks very much to Cannabis Business Times and High Times, it is an honor to have my work featured in such industry-leading publications.


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